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Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

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Add a little pizzazz to your home bar set-up! This magnetic bottle opener will happily sit on the side of your fridge, eagerly awaiting any opportunity to do its job and look pretty doing it! For a fun party trick, bring it to a picnic and show off how it can stay handy on the side of the ice bucket. (That's what we do, anyway.)

The 'tooth' is also magnetic, so you can pocket that beer cap instead of it falling in the grass somewhere you'll never see again.

Length: 4-5in
Width: ~.5in
Depth: .5-1in

**Please note, these items are handmade on-demand, and while we strive to be perfect, alas we are not. There is a slight chance of imperfection in the product, such as little markings on the wood. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the product, we would love to hear from you**
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