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Joy Elixir

Joy Elixir

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A delicious warming + heart centered blend of herbs that come to the rescue during times of grief, anxiousness + burnout. This blend is meant to nourish us + brighten our day.

Take 1-2 dropperfulls as needed, can be added to tea, water + smoothies!

Elements: Wildcrafted mimosa flowers, wildcrafted milky oat tops, Organic cacao hulls, Organic nettle leaf, wildcrafted passionflower, organic lavender, local honey, 60% ALC.

1oz dropper bottle.

Leighla Molina is the medicine maker behind Corazon Verde Yerbas, she has been studying the magia + medicinal uses of plants for 7+ years under several mentors. All plants used are organic or harvested directly from her garden.
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