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Restful Sleep Tincture

Restful Sleep Tincture

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A deeply relaxing + nutritive blend of herbs to help ease you into a restful state of sleep while restoring your naturally occurring energy levels. Rest assured, this blend will not leave you feeling groggy in the morning!

Enjoy 2-3 dropperfulls 20- 30 minutes before bedtime. Use 1-2 dropperfuls to ease anxiety.

Elements: Wildcrafted evening primrose, wildcrafted passionflower, organic catnip, organic california poppy, wildcrafted milky oat tops, local honey, 60% ALC.

1oz dropper bottle.

Leighla Molina is the medicine maker behind Corazon Verde Yerbas, she has been studying the magia + medicinal uses of plants for 7+ years under several mentors. All plants used are organic or harvested directly from her garden.
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