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Tía Jeni

Sirena Muerta Wall Hooks

Sirena Muerta Wall Hooks

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La Sirena Muerta wall hook is hand painted and sealed on cast iron, measuring approximately 6” L x 3” W X 1.5” H and weighing about 10 oz. 

La Sirena character in Lotería reminds us to keep a clear head, stay in touch with what is influencing our emotions, and not to find ourselves entranced by the song of the siren. Calaveras, decorated skulls or skeletons, are symbols to celebrate the sacredness of life, death, and mortality. They remind us to stay in the present, live life to the fullest, and to face our mortality with courage and joy. Calaveras show death as another rite of passage, leading us into the afterlife. 

From La Sirena Muerta series, each wall hook is numbered & signed.

“Con los cantos de Sirena, no te vayas a marear.”

Current inventory: 
-#19: brown + gold hair, marigold 3rd eye & heart chakra
-#20: brown + copper hair, jewelry 
-#22: purple hair, marigold eyes
-#24: blue hair + aqua tail
-#25: jade greens hair + tail

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