Makers Make Magic: Lolita Rodriguez at Lola's Classic Babies

Welcome to our first ever Makers Make Magic blog feature! This week we are proud to spotlight Lolita Rodriguez, creator of Lola’s Classic Babies. Lolita has been showcasing her creations at Frida Friday ATX markets and assisted as Market Coordinator last year in 2019. We appreciate all the work Lolita has done to support the Frida Friday ATX mission and local community.

Get to know more about Lolita and Lola’s Classic Babies by reading our interview below.

1.     Tell us a little about how Lola’s Classic Babies got started. What was the pivotal moment you wanted to take on creating this business and brand? Lola’s Classic Babies started out primarily making diaper cakes for friends and family and a niche was discovered. Here we are today with an inspiring new line of all-natural products for the whole family. Lola's products ease the pain of adding a new little one to your family by providing items that serve a purpose while bringing you back to your childhood. Our sole mission is to make the transition from child free life to baby filled easier. Having my son is and will be the main motivation of me creating my business and brand.

 2.     We love your Mom Tip Tuesdays! How do you come up with these and why do you feel they are important? It’s just coming from real life experiences. I want my viewers to feel like they are not alone in the fight of motherhood. 

  3.     Where do you draw inspiration from to create your designs? And, who inspires you creatively and in life? My childhood is my inspiration. I want to pass down the things I know and love to our future generation. My mom struggles is my main inspiration for all my pieces. I’m a 90’s kid and Bastian will be too.

 4.     We know you work with photographers and models (including your son who is a rock star!), so tell us what it’s like to prepare for a photoshoot and on set. Do you start with a vision board or other creative methods? The photoshoots take months of preparation and a strong team. It can be very stressful but once the day happens it’s very rewarding. Onset, it’s magic seeing all the support I receive from friends and the community. I use vision boards to a degree. I use the same team for each shoot who knows my vision and sees the direction I’m going.

5.     We’re in love with all your creations and cannot rave enough about your diaper clutches! How did you come up with this design? With the diaper clutches I wanted to make something lightweight and practical. Mothers already have to carry their child around, which can cause stress to the back and shoulders. My own struggle with this issue helped me come up with the design and features of this item.

 6.    We’ve seen you grow so much as a vendor over the last couple of years. Do you have any advice to give new vendors?  Any best practices you’d like to share?  Never give up. Every vend yields something different whether it’s revenue or new leads. Having a positive attitude will get you far and reach many. Also, be prepared for anything to happen during the event even if it’s not required.

 7.    We’d love to hear what’s new that’s coming for Lola’s Classic Babies or a new collection you’re working on. There’s a lot on the horizon for Lola’s Classic Babies. New partnerships, new look, same direction. I’m coming out with a new collection for Black History month.

 8.    Any tips you’d like to leave our parent readers or advice for those considering starting a business? For the mothers; you’re not alone. There’s thousands out there going through the same thing. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. For starting a new business, just take the leap. Though it seems scary, if you give a 100%, 100% will come back to you.

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This blog was written in collaboration with Lolita Rodriguez, Tk Tunchez, and Sheila Lopez.

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