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Shine with the latest in Latina apparel and Multicultural Statement Fashion: Trendy... 

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We Are Award-Winning Creatives!

Las Ofrendas is a Latina & Queer owned retail lifestyle brand & cultural events company founded by tk tunchez.

We're committed to creating intergenerational wealth through amplifying & centering BIPOC, Latina/o & LGBTQIA creative entrepreneurs and makers, so you can shop with purpose!

Our products are curated to be full of color, fun and represent our amazing, vibrant communities.

So, Take Up Space and find yourself here, and know your purchase is intentionally building intergenerational wealth.

Las Ofrendas, and founder tk tunchez, is the 2022 winner of Austin Woman's, Woman's Way "Best Maker" Award.

We are honored to be the winners of such a prestigious award, and we always pour our love and gratitude for our community in every single part of the the Las Ofrendas brand.

  • "So incredible!! I just received these and they are so beautiful and thoughtfully crafted! I adore them and literally every single person who saw me today commented about how these earrings are 🔥 .If your adornments are important to you definitely buy from Las Ofrendas you can feel the quality and love in their pieces." -Stacy

  • "I had a question about shipping and it was answered immediately, excellent customer service and I freaking love these earrings!! I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality, a wonderful buy!" -Joan

  • "The piece touched my heart the moment I saw it. As everything else that I’ve ever ordered from Las Ofrendas, the quality was incredible and the design beautiful. The necklace was packed perfectly and came quickly. I am inspired by this piece and it's power." -Julissa